104-year-old uses Pilates to help her walk again

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Margaret Almond wants to be able to walk again and is using a mixed exercise regime that includes Pilates to help her to reach that goal.

Margaret lives in the Radius Matua rest home in Tauranga, New Zealand where her physiotherapist, Andrea Wirihana, provides her with a personalised treatment regime that includes modified Pilates exercises. Margaret uses the handrail in the corridor at the home to provide her with the support she needs to do the exercises. Using a combination of stretches and controlled movements, she is re-building the strength in her core and legs that she needs to be able to walk again.

She is an enthusiastic participant. Her physiotherapist told a reporter from the New Zealand Herald:

“We couldn’t believe it when she started doing this. Margaret just went for it.”

Margret joins a growing band of centurions who are using exercise to help them stay mobile. Some have been exercising and enjoying sports all of their lives, while others decide to take up exercise much later in life. This includes the oldest person to complete a marathon. Fauja Singh was 104 when he ran the Mumbai Marathon in 2016. He did not start long distance running until he was in his eighties.

Now that the benefits of exercising well into old age are better understood, most care homes now run fitness classes for their residents. Some are including Pilates in the mix. One example is the Sunrise Care Home in Sevenoaks, Kent where Vera Wrighton, enjoyed taking Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes also at the age of 104.

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