Australian radio star sheds 30kg from diet and Pilates

Filed under: Pilates News — Wayne on April 3, 2017

Last year, Australian radio star Alan Jones was diagnosed with insulin resistance, which can lead to diabetes. Following this diagnosis, he gave up drinking and went on a strict diet to avoid becoming diabetic, and took up Pilates. Sticking to this regime has enabled him to lose 30kg in just one year.

For decades, Jones was an Australian rugby union and league coach. Naturally, during that time, he was heavily involved in keeping his team members match fit, so has a good understanding of fitness. During his interview with the Daily Telegraph, he explained that he had been an athlete all of his life, but recently had some significant health issues.

This year, the 75-year-old underwent four operations to fix a collapsed disk and a neck issue, which left him barely able to move his arms. The operations meant that he had to spend seven weeks in bed, which understandably, lead to significant muscle loss.

To address this issue, he is undergoing regular physiotherapy and has taken up low-impact stretching Pilates, and is clearly pleased that he has discovered this form of exercise. During his interview, he told the reporter about the classes he’s been taking in New South Wales, saying:

“I have never been anywhere near it and I found it very, very impressive.”

Stretching is an important component of most Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes. It increases flexibility and the range of movement for both joints and muscles, helps to increase energy levels and improves circulation.

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