Christian Covington using Pilates to stay on top of his game

Filed under: Pilates News — Wayne on June 6, 2017

In a recent interview on the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football show, Christian Covington revealed that Pilates had become a particularly important part of his training regime.

During this interview, the young Houston Texan defensive end explained to Nate Burleston how this exercise technique was helping to improve his flexibility. Covington said:

“This offseason I was introduced to Pilates and that’s really, really opened up my world with regards to hip mobility and flexibility, and my flexibility in general.”

In response, Burleston, who played in the 2003 NFL Draft, suggested that this would allow the player to make more plays on the football field. Interestingly, Covington is not the only male sports personality using Pilates to improve performance.

Chicago Cubs pitcher, Jake Arrieta, is also a big fan of the exercise. On an almost daily basis, he uses Pilates-based training to keep himself strong and flexible, which has helped him win several awards, and play two no-hitter games during the past two years.

These sports personalities appear to be leading the way for other men. Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes from Pilates classes in Clitheroe pilates classes Clitheroe to Sydney are increasingly attracting more male students. In many cases, they are there because they have read about how their favourite sports stars are using Pilates to improve their performance.

Men are starting to understand that lifting weights is far from the only way to build strong muscles. Pilates helps to build a strong core, as well as improve form and posture. Most men realise that this helps them to train more efficiently and helps to protect their body from injury.

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