What happens in Pilates classes?

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Exactly what happens in Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes or what you should expect is probably one of the most common questions asked by potential class attendees.  Despite its popularity with celebrities and great success, Pilates is still misunderstood by many.  Some think it is something similar to yoga and others think it may be some sort of gentle aerobics; the fact is that Pilates is something in a class all of its own and difficult to describe.

Within a Pilates class, you will do some gentle stretching to warm up and there will also be mat exercises.

The mat exercises are a combination of chest curls, leg lifts and roll ups.  Whilst these exercises might look like a sort of advanced sit up, each series of moves is done with guided (more…)

New Pre/Post Natal Class

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w/c 12 Oct, The Sanctuary, Mondays at 6.00 pm, 50 minutes class designed specifically to get you physcially fit for pregnancy and labour. Call for more details.

Charlotte's Bootcamp – New Fat Incinerating Class

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w/c 12 Oct, fat burn from 6am-7am Wednesday mornings at Langho and Billington Comm. Hall. Pay as you go. This is not a pilates class.

Pilates payoff is sweet success

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Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes are not a new fad; indeed, they’ve been around for some time now and thanks to celebrity endorsements recently, such as David Beckham and Alex Curran to name a few, Pilates class attendance is again on the rise.

For those who stick to regular Pilates classes, the results are sweet success.  Pilates regulars find strength without adding bulk, flat abdomen area and slender, strong thighs.

The whole essence of Pilates is a focus on core strength, which not only improves posture but also increases strength.  Almost our entire body’s (more…)

Why mind/body fitness?

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When we talk about Pilates, we often refer to the mind/body connection and this phrase is used often in the sphere of health and fitness.  Although many sports and fitness activities do involve some form of mind to body connection, why should it matter?

Mind/body fitness or exercise means combining the body’s movement with some sort of mental or meditational focus, which usually incorporates visualisation, breathing techniques and relaxation.  Combining this with the physical movements gives greater value to the physical movement and can give better results.

Within Pilates, we concentrate on (more…)

New Autumn Terms Starts Monday 7th Sept

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Our Autumn term starts on Monday 7th Sept.  See timetable for list of classes.  Hope to see you all again for some new moves and our firm favorites…

Alex Curran uses Pilates to lose 'mummy tummy'

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In The Mirror today, Alex Curran, the wife of Steven Gerrard, revealed how she achieved her amazing new bod.

Whilst on a holiday in Miami last year, Alex saw pictures of her wobbly stomach and decided to take action.  She said:

“When I returned from celebrating my first wedding anniversary with Steven, I saw pictures of me in a red bikini. I was horrified to see rolls of fat!  I had been eating rubbish food for years and my tummy had never fully recovered after having two children.”

26 year old Alex started a new healthy eating regime in January and using a multitude of exercise programmes, including Pilates, she lost (more…)

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