Summer Fitness Bootcamp 28 June – 3 July (non pilates)

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Week long bootcamp at Langho FC, either 6 am or 7.30 pm.  I will be working together with John Pilkington a Personal Trainer on activities scaled to all fitness levels.  Guaranteed to shift those pounds! Ring me for more details 07801 444825

World Cup stars use Pilates as part of a fitness regime

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The World Cup has come around again, and as ever, there is much media speculation on who will make the squad to represent England. Football fans are worried over the fitness of key players, as something as innocuous as a strained muscle can scupper and hopes for success in the tournament.

Modern training methods for (more…)

livepilates first newsletter

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We have just uploaded our first newsletter.   Take a look in the navigation bar.  Any feed back would be

Kelly Osbourne’s fiance joins celebrity Pilates fan club

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A slim, toned Kelly Osbourne and her fiancé Luke Worral were pictured last week leaving a Pilates class in Los Angeles.

It’s thought that the celebrity, who has famously caught the Pilates bug, has been taking along fiancé Luke to her classes.

Kelly, 25, has lost over a stone thanks to dancing and twice weekly sessions of Pilates, but she is not the only celebrity to have recently felt the benefits of Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes.

Actress Jennifer Garner, has maintained her long, lean look (more…)

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