New Gentle Pilates Classes for September

Filed under: By Charlotte — Charlotte on July 21, 2010

A gentle paced pilates class for those wanting to take it a bit easier, if you have specific back issues or in need of rehabilitation.  Call for more details.

Anna ‘Flexible’ Friel praises Pilates

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Ex-Brookside star Anna Friel has said that her toned, slim figure is down to daily sessions of Pilates.

Earlier this week, the actress was pictured in a variety of flexible poses during a Pilates class in Los Angeles, where she is now based with her partner, actor David Thewliss.

Clad in comfortable (more…)

Pilates helps Serena Williams to fourth Wimbledon title

Filed under: Pilates News — Wayne on July 7, 2010

Serena Williams, who recently won her fourth Wimbledon title, has said that she has Pilates to thank for her new slimline look.

Williams, 28, is not only famed for her prowess on the court; she also attracted attention for her muscles and, in her own words, (more…)

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