6 Week Beginner Course Starts 30th March

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A new 6 week course commences on Wednesday evenings at 8 pm at the Sanctuary of Healing.   Ring me for an application pack.   Places limited to 12.

The benefits of Pilates are no Victoria’s Secret

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Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio has revealed that should would be a bit of a pudding if it were not for Pilates.
The stunning supermodel was pictured at a Pilates class in Venice feeling the burn on a ‘reformer’ machine.

The catwalk model, who is a mother to two year old Anja Louise, says that her love of exercise is all part of her professional approach to her career. She told W magazine:

“I guess it’s like a real job. When I started, it was a hobby, something fun to do.

“Before, models had that rock star life and it was all about going to the parties and having that glamorous life, and I think these days, models are more like businesswomen and the whole industry takes it really serious.”

Pilates is a major part of the 5’10” Brazilian keep fit regime. She mixes it up with a keep fit class that consists of samba and capoeira, a traditional Brazilian martial art, as well as hiking.

Even though the pressure is on for supermodels everywhere to be as skinny as possible, Ambrosio, who has a 34-25-34 figure, indulges in the odd treat and owned up to an obsession with crisps and chocolate. She said:

“I love Cheetos, those hot, spicy kind, and chocolate. Every time I’m in the airport I’m buying Cheetos and eating them on the airplane.”

You don’t have to be a lingerie model to enjoy the benefits of Pilates. There are Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes across the Pilates classes in Ribble Valley pilates classes Ribble Valley and Pilates classes in Lancashire pilates classes Lancashire, including Pilates classes in Preston pilates classes Preston and Pilates classes in Burnley pilates classes Burnley, that can help you swap your Nora Batty knickers for something sexier.

More men doing Pilates in Lancashire

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An increasing number of men are now doing Pilates, according to a builder who gave up his job to become a Pilates instructor.

Paul Barber, of Marton, Blackpool, said goodbye to his construction job and hello to a fitness studio, and now instructs classes to local residents, including a surprising number of men.

Paul, 34, estimates that at least half of the people who attend his classes are men. He said:

“When I first got into Pilates seven years ago, it was because of my partner Angelina, who taught it.

“She kept asking me to come to the classes – I thought it was a bit girlie. Eventually, I went along.”

He qualified as a personal trainer, and went on to become an instructor in Pilates.

Pilates has become an increasingly used method for elite sportsmen to stay on top of their game. With the recent record-breaking deals made for football players in the January Transfer window, such as the £35m paid by Liverpool for Andy Carroll and £50m forked out by Chelsea for striker Fernando Torres, the fitness of a top-flight sports star can make or break the fortunes of a club.

Quality Pilates instructors understand the benefits it can bring to people who enjoy sports at any level, helping to prevent injuries in the first instance but also being used for injury rehabilitation. Helping to improve sports performance, whilst reducing the risk of injury, Pilates helps a body to align itself correctly, use all its muscles and really improve both balance and posture.

Whatever sport you enjoy, there will be a Pilates class available in Pilates classes in Lancashire pilates classes Lancashire, including Pilates classes in Preston pilates classes Preston and Pilates classes in Burnley pilates classes Burnley, to help you improve your performance.

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