Pilates great for lower back pain

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A recent study has shown that Pilates is the most effective form of exercise for those who are suffering from lower back pain as opposed to a more general exercise regimen. (more…)

Equilates…Pilates and the horserider

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I have been asked by Active Rider to instruct a summer camp for pilates and the horserider.

If you’re interested in Pilates classes in pilates classes pilates classes pilates classes with some of your stable buddies just give me a call.

Celebrity fitness trainer Neda Soderqvist recommends Pilates

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Neda Soderqvist is a Hollywood fitness trainer who has worked with A-list celebrities including Pink and Mino Sorvino. In a recent interview, she talked about working with the stars and discusses the exercises she recommends for those who wish to maintain a Hollywood (more…)

More Dates to Come for Beginner Pilates in January and February

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Due to great demand I am sorting out more dates for beginner classes in January and February. Please register your interest by ringing me on 07801 444825 or email me on charlotte@live-pilates.co.uk

Start back on Monday 9th January 2012

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Just to let you know the classes kick off again on Monday 9th.   Lets get to work!

love Charlotte

Happy New Year to All my Strong Cored/Toned Clients!!!

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May your 2012 be filled with love, happiness and a fabulously toned body xxx

Charlotte Hopkinson