Four biggest benefits of a Pilate’s routine

Filed under: Pilates Info — Susan on April 24, 2014

Pilates has been around for decades. There are a number of benefits to this form of low impact exercise, as you strengthen your core muscles, realign your skeleton and improve your posture. The four main benefits, which should enable you to decide if it is the right form of (more…)

Pilates helps young anorexic to recover

Filed under: Pilates News — Cathy on April 17, 2014

A woman who suffered from three heart attacks and bullying as she struggled with an eating disorder has used Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes to cope with her condition.

Emily Sullivan weighed a mere (more…)

What to wear to a Pilates session

Filed under: Pilates Features — Cathy on April 11, 2014

Created by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s, Pilates has seen a boom in popularity over recent years, with celebrity advocates such as Madonna and Jennifer Aniston. Routines aim to strengthen and stretch the body, improving core strength, posture and flexibility, and may even aid the (more…)

Arsenal ladies’ Smith prolongs career with Pilates

Filed under: Pilates News — Wayne on April 4, 2014

Kelly Smith, the star striker for the London club, is hoping that Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes will help her to continue to play long enough that she can take part in the World Cup.

Smith, who is 35, has her eye on a place in (more…)

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