Former Miss World claims Pilates made her taller

Filed under: Pilates News — Wayne on March 25, 2015

Model Rosanna Davison has credited Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes with helping her to grow in height.

The former Miss World, who is 30 and from Ireland, claims that the Pilates classes, which are used to increase endurance, flexibility and core strength, have also enabled her to add length to her body’s frame. According to Davison, she has been able to add half an inch to her height after her mother got her into the exercise.

Speaking to The Irish Independent, she said:

“I’ve stretched out about half an inch through Pilates — I was 5-foot-9, and now I am 5-foot-9-and-a-half inches. It’s a known effect from practicing it regularly. Pilates helps to elongate and lengthen muscles, improves posture, and plumps up the cushioning discs of our spine.”

Davison has reportedly always tried to keep fit and was even a talented runner whilst in high school. As a model, she constantly has to exercise in order to maintain her figure and ensure that her career remains intact.

It was after her mother suffered a serious neck injury during an accident involving horse riding that the Irish model was convinced of the effectiveness of Pilates.

She added:

“My mum really noticed these benefits, too. We’ve been going to two-three classes a week for 13 years, so it does need to be consistent.”

She also mentioned the fact that as she had been doing Pilates since the early 2000s, along with her mother, it probably made them some of the first people to really take to the exercise, with the popularity for Pilates classes from Pilates classes in Lancashire pilates classes Lancashire to London having since grown.

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