Gabrielle Union used Pilates to prepare for her latest role

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American actress Gabrielle Union has revealed that she used Pilates in order to get fit and ready for the role in her latest film.

Union has stayed in good shape for most of her life, but she knew her role in the recently released Breaking In, would be demanding, even for her.

In the much-awaited thriller, she plays an ordinary mum who is suddenly taken right out of her comfort zone. She ends up having to fight for her life, so the role is a physical one. As a result, she needed to be physically fit at 41.

In an interview she did with People reporter, Mark Gray, at CinemaCon she explained why she choose Pilates. The actor said:

“You’d be surprised how Pilates gets you into shape and gets you stretched up.”

In the movie, she takes her two children up to her deceased father´s home. Their trip goes disastrously wrong when her children are kidnapped and she has to fight to get them back.

Union is now a mother to three step-children. So, when she realized she needed to top up her fitness levels, it was only natural for her to do it “the mum way “ by, as she put it, drinking Rose wine and taking up Pilates.

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