Jane Seymour uses Pilates to hold back the years

Filed under: Pilates News — Susan on March 5, 2018

67-year-old actress Jane Seymour has credited her lean physique to the type of exercise she takes and her healthy eating habits.

Seymour has just posed for her third Playboy magazine-shoot and completed an in-depth interview to sit alongside the fantastic shots. It is clear from the photos that she is aging well. She still has excellent muscle-tone and looks lean, fit and strong.

For more than 30-years, the actress has been incorporating Pilates into her fitness regime. In an interview she did for Lifetime, from 16 years ago, she explained how isometric Pilates moves were helping her to become leaner. She said:

“With isometrics, you’re isolating and engaging the stomach muscles to strengthen them. It has given me really strong stomach muscles, and I have a longer, leaner look than before,”

It is a look that she has managed to maintain. Seeing stars like Seymour get such good results is encouraging men and women of all ages to try Pilates. Classes in Pilates classes in Chorley pilates classes Chorley, Pilates classes in Clitheroe pilates classes Clitheroe and other areas are full of people who are particularly interested in building a stronger core.

Often, they are there because they have started to suffer from aches and pains. In addition, Pilates is slowly being recognised by the medical community for its potential to help people to regain strength after injury. A lot of athletes are using the exercise regime in this way, a fact that is also encouraging more people to give Pilates a go.

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