Kate Hudson shares her fitness secrets

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American actress Kate Hudson recently spilled the secrets of her fabulous physique to Glamour Magazine, and it turns out the 36-year-old is a big fan of Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes.

Well known as the daughter of Goldie Hawn and for her role in the cult film ‘Almost Famous’, Hudson is also the ambassador for fitness brand Fabletics thanks to her well-toned physique. Talking in an interview with Glamour, along with her brother Oliver, himself an ambassador for men’s active wear brand FL2, she revealed a number of diet and exercise techniques.

When asked about the secret to her impressive abs, Kate revealed that she has been taking regular Pilates classes for many years, and that she concentrates her exercise regime on her core, resulting in great abs.

Hudson said:

“My main workout is always focused on the core. It’s mainly core. When everything starts from the core, I think that’s where the strength comes from and that should be the centre of everything.”

When asked about their diets during the interview, the siblings admitted that they had eaten a lot of junk food the night before, but according to Hudson, that was simply due to the fact she was flying.

According to her, she maintains her rock solid abs and slim figure by eating an alkaline diet, which is free from dairy, wheat, sugar, meat and gluten. She also abstains from beer and wine, drinking only spirits served straight. It is this, in conjunction with Pilates classes, which helps her stay so fit and healthy.

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