Malaika Arora uses Pilates to maintain her figure

Filed under: Pilates News — Susan on September 8, 2017

Despite celebrating her 44th birthday at the end of August, Indian star Malaika Arora has still managed to maintain her stunning figure.

Her work as a dancer, actress, model, fasionista, television presenter, producer and media personality is demanding and has required her to maintain a high level of physical fitness. The Bollywood actress is constantly challenging herself and finding ways to evolve her fitness regime as she ages.

For example, she recently employed the celebrity fitness trainer Cindy Jourdain. Her recommendation was to add weight training into the mix, a form of workout that Arora had shied away from until them.

Recently, Arora took up Pilates as well. It is clear from her recent YouTube videos and photos that both changes have greatly benefited her. If anything, she looks fitter than she did a few years ago.

Earlier this year, she spoke to Vogue India about her fitness regime, she said:

“I like pushing myself. I do Pilates, dance, weight training, Bootcamp. I’m really glad I did Bootcamp because now I feel I can kick a man’s ass.”

Strengthening her core has allowed her to break through her fitness barriers and stretch herself in ways she has not experienced before. The star of Dil Se, Kaante and EMI only realised how much fitter she had become when she successfully completed a 12km hike.

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