Margot Robbie’s personal trainer spills the secrets to her enviable figure

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Margot Robbie’s currently wowing the world with her turn as Harley Quinn in the blockbuster comic book movie ‘Suicide Squad’, in which she wears a rather revealing Debbie Harry inspired outfit, and now her personal trainer, Andie Hecker, has revealed how she came to get her enviable figure.

Andie Hecker told The Mail Online that Blonde bombshell Margot exercised for three hours a day as she filmed her star turn as Harley Quinn. The actress did lots of Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes, along with ballet-style exercises and weight training to ensure that her body was as fit and toned as possible for the movie.

Hecker described Margot as being a ‘trooper’ who was extremely satisfied with the changes her exercise regime had on her body.

Although Margot, who is 26, was very slim and toned ahead of her role in Suicide Squad, the actress embarked on a strict fitness regime to ensure that she looked the part. As she spends much of the movie in tiny hot-pant style shorts and a tight top, she needed to feel confident in her appearance to do the role justice.

Trainer Andie was always at the Australian’s side as she endeavoured to get the perfect body, guiding her through non-bulking exercise, including ballet jumps and jump rope, as well as lots of Pilates. Despite this, the star was able to eat a huge amount of food including cake, making her the envy of her co-stars, many of whom were on much stricter diets than herself.

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