Murray used Pilates to aid recovery from back surgery

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A tennis star has stated that he is attending Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes to maintain his fitness levels.

Pilates has more than its fair share of celebrity practitioners, but it was a surprise to many when Andy Murray recently confirmed that he uses the exercise to help him with his performance on court.

Murray, who recently competed in the French Open, revealed that he has been using Pilates for a number of years. This was in order to help him improve his stability and core strength, as well as helping him to move more efficiently.

The tennis ace also disclosed that he had made Pilates classes an even bigger part of his weekly fitness regime after he underwent back surgery in 2013.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Murray said:

“It’s helped my back a lot. People think, ‘Oh he has a bad back,’ but it can be due to having stiff hips or weak hamstrings or whatever.”

Murray works with several female trainers, including Teresina Goheen, who he flew out to Barcelona with him this spring, where she helped him to prepare for clay-court matches. The sportsman has also been known to work with a Miami trainer, where he lives for part of the year, as well as a number of exercise professionals in Surrey, when he is at home in London.

Speaking of his trainers, he said:

“They’re all ladies that I work with, all of them good fun.”

Murray also revealed that he often attends Pilates classes with Kim Sears, his new wife, who also uses it to keep fit.

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