Pierce Brosnan takes up Pilates to stay trim

Filed under: Pilates News — Wayne on October 2, 2018

Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan has invested in a high-end Pilates workout machine for his home gym.

At 65, Brosnan joins thousands of other people who are turning up at Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes in Pilates classes in Lancashire pilates classes Lancashire and elsewhere, as a way to stay active and strong as they age. Increasingly, this style of exercise is forming an important part of the fitness regimes of actors, athletes and singers.

The actor had to be fit when starring in the high-adrenalin Bond films. In 1999, Brosnan also did all of his own stunts for the action-packed closing scene of The Thomas Crown Affair.

He is clearly still very fit, and had no problem keeping up during the dancing scenes in ‘Mamma Mia! – Here We Go Again’. In 2015, he proved that he was still fin excellent shape when he filmed Survivor. His training regime for that film, which included a series of fast-paced chases, was a demanding one.

To make sure he gets the most out of his new Pilates regime, Brosnan has bought a high-end piece of equipment for his home gym. He is said to have spent £5,000 on a home trapeze/reformer machine. The star posted a photo of himself leaning against it wearing cream shorts and a black T-shirt on Instagram.

Pilates is the perfect way to regain or maintain mobility, because it is one of the only exercises that works out every muscle in the body. It is a particularly good way to build a strong core.

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