Sarah Michelle Gellar spotted leaving Pilates class

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American actress Sarah Michelle Gellar was spotted leaving her favourite Pilates studio after an intense workout.

She was spotted leaving Mighty Pilates which is located in Santa Monica, California dressed in athleisure attire. The star has been working out since 2016, often with the well-known trainer Sara Tull, who is best known for creating a radical mini Reformer routine that uses a combination of open and closed kinetic movements to work out the entire body.

The positive results of this specialist Pilates routine are clear to see. Gellar looked strong and fit in her Spandex leggings, black workout top, grey cardigan and Nike trainers. Across the world, millions of people get similar results by working out at Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes in Pilates classes in Preston pilates classes Preston and many other towns and cities.

The 5ft 4in actress and mother of two has always focused on fitness rather than obsessing about her weight. She once told a Self magazine reporter she did not own a pair of scales, she said:

“You can’t live your life by the scale. We don’t even have one in our house. I’ve never believed in them because your weight fluctuates.”

Over the years, Gellar has had some high energy roles, so staying fit has always been important to her. Without her athleticism, she would not have been able to play Buffy Summers/Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Between 1996 and 2003 she starred in 145 episodes of the show.

Her more recent work on shows like Robot Chicken and Star Wars Rebels has not been as physically demanding. However, it is clear that the 41-year-old has not used that fact as an excuse to slow down her fitness regime.

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