Sofia Vergara says Pilates is the secret to her shape

Filed under: Pilates News — Wayne on August 7, 2017

Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara has revealed exactly how she uses Pilates to keep her curves.

During an interview she did for Women´s Health, she spoke extensively about how she takes care of herself. During the conversation, she revealed that her husband, Joe Manganiello, had built a gym that included a sophisticated Pilates machine, which is called a Megaformer.

It is this that the Colombian uses for her weekly Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes. She works out three or four times a week with a personal trainer, and says this is usually in the morning, because if she finds that if she does not do it she will find excuses not to do it at all.

The 45-year-old admits that she is not always in the best of moods during her exercise routine, but staying healthy is clearly important to her. During the interview, she explained that she finds her mother-in-law, who has worked out for many years, an inspiration.

Vergara is so convinced that exercise is important that she has recently persuaded her 68-year-old mother to take up Pilates too, recognising the fact that it is a form of exercise suitable for any age group. Now, her mother can get out of the car without struggling.

People of all ages are increasingly taking Pilates classes in Pilates classes in Lancashire pilates classes Pilates classes in Lancashire and many other places, realising that this is a highly flexible form of exercise that can be tailored to work for practically everyone regardless of their age or lifestyle.

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