Sylvester Stallone tries Pilates for the first time

Filed under: Pilates News — Susan on February 20, 2017

Action movie icon Sylvester Stallone recently share pictures of himself taking a Pilates class with his young daughter for the first time ever.

The actor, who is best known for his portrayal as underdog boxer Rocky in the movies of the same name, joined his eldest daughter Sophia, who is 20, for a hardcore Pilates workout. The programme was so tough that he compared it to his alter-ego Rocky going toe to toe with his toughest foes Captain Ivan Drago and Clubber Lang “before breakfast.”

Posting a post-Pilates clip of himself and his daughter, Stallone said: “Brutal!” He added:

“This is an amazing workout but definitely not for the faint of heart. I’ve lifted weights, I have boxed, wrestled, track and field, played football and many other sports… But this workout pushes you to the limit… and beyond!”

In the clip, he tells his followers who have never tried Pilates before that although it may sound cute “It aint cute,” and daughter Sophia wholeheartedly agreed with his comment.

It is safe to say that Stallone, despite being in great shape and having spent a great deal of his life in the gym, was not expecting the tough total body workout that you can get when you engage in a serious Pilates session. His daughter Sophia, however, is more used to the workout, using it to help her craft the body that saw her, along with her sisters Scarlet, 14 and Sistine, 18, making history as the first three people to win the Miss Golden Globe 2017 title at the same time.

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