Vanessa Hudgens shows off toned abs after Pilates class

Filed under: Pilates News — Cathy on June 19, 2017

Vanessa Hudgens looked toned and fit when she was spotted leaving her Pilates Class in Los Angeles.

The High School Musical star has made Pilates an important part of her exercise regime for many years. Since 2013, she has worked out in a Los Angeles gym that uses Pilates reformer machines. She started out by taking mainly WundaBar classes, which Ashley Tisdale, Colin Farrell and Tia Mowry are also known to use.

Recently, the Hollywood star lost 10lbs by following a high fat, no carb diet. She finds that this diet combined with a good exercise regime suits her. Hudgens explained this during a recent interview with Women´s Health. She said:

“When I ate carbs, I would get that dip in the afternoon, where I felt really sluggish. When I’m off them, my energy stays consistent throughout the day.”

Importantly, it is healthy fats that she focuses on eating. In the same interview, she said that she eats a whole avocado every day. Given her punishing work routine, Hudgens admits that maintaining energy levels throughout the day is important.

She is just one of hundreds of celebrities who are using Pilates to stay fit. Holly Willoughby’s fitness instructor recently revealed that she has been using Pilates since 2014, when her son Chester was born.

Across the world, more people are seeing the benefits of this fitness system. As a result, there is increasing demand for classes, meaning that more gyms can offer them. It is now just as easy to find Pilates classes in Pilates classes in Rawtenstall pilates classes Pilates classes in Rawtenstall as it is in New York.

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