Victoria’s Secret models reveal secret to flawless physiques

Filed under: Pilates News — Susan on April 2, 2019

Victoria’s Secret trio Shanina Shaik, Jasmine Tookes and Alessandra Ambrosio took to Instagram recently to reveal how they manage to keep in shape.

Snaps and videos of their Pilates workout in a Los Angeles gym were uploaded to their individual accounts on Friday with the eyes of their 15 million followers on them.

Shanina pointed out that working out with friends is more fun and demonstrated the team spirit that comes from being part of the Victoria’s Secret brand. However, she has been refreshingly quick to point out that not everything you see on Instagram is real, giving credit to good lighting and filters for her pristine image a lot of the time. She told the Daily Telegraph:

“To be a role model, you have to be real.”

Nonetheless, there is a little doubt that these women are in excellent shape. Alessandra has been quoted in the past as not being a fan of exercise, but knows she needs to keep it up for her job. In November 2018, she told Glamour:

“When it comes to the show I try to work out every day and really do lots of cardio and Pilates.”

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