Alec Baldwin lost 30 pounds with help from Pilates

Filed under: Pilates News — Charlotte on February 9, 2012

You may have noticed that Hollywood superstar Alec Baldwin is looking a lot trimmer of late. The 53 year old actor has recently changed his lifestyle in a bid to stave off diabetes after he was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. This lifestyle change which includes Pilates and yoga has helped him to shed a massive 30 pounds from his frame.

Alec has spoken about his recent weight loss, commenting that he now feels healthier than he ever has before. Not only has the actor taken up a regular yoga and Pilates regime, but he has also completely cut out sugar from his diet and this has seen the pounds start to fall away – He was able to lose the 30 pounds in only 4 months.

Baldwin commented:

“I do Pilates, yoga and spin, not as much as I’d like. When I’m filming it’s difficult to fit it in but when I do I feel great”.

The star also told of his difficulties in giving up the sugar snacks that he loved so much, but luckily he was able to win the battle and this has had a significant impact on his weight loss and general health.

With all of the changes Alec has made to his diet and exercise regime, he has seriously lowered the risk of diabetes, which he was facing and, as anyone who saw him at the SAG awards will know, he is now looking a lot healthier and fitter; attributes which are always a bonus in Hollywood.

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