Australian beauty queen gets back to Pilates after having baby

Filed under: Pilates News — Cathy on December 16, 2019

Just seven weeks after delivering her first child, Jennifer Hawkins has been seen getting back into some physical fitness with a Pilates session.

The 35 year-old Australian beauty queen, TV presenter and model is best known for being crowned Miss Universe Australia and Miss Universe in 2004. She lives in Sydney with her husband Jake Wall. Since her successful beauty pageant days, she has also developed a property portfolio and launched her own swimwear and self-tanning brands.

While many new mums are understandably struggling to get out of the house so soon after delivery, Hawkins posted a picture of herself in slinky gym gear with her leg attached to a resistance band and pointed to the ceiling. She did however hint at being exhausted like any other sleep-deprived parent with the caption “Half asleep but doing it!”

Pilates is a great way to regain some strength and conditioning in any situation including post-partum. At a time when the whole body has had to adjust for a growing baby then birth, joints and muscles can feel the strain. Pilates can be gentle or an intense workout depending on your individual needs and abilities. It can also be a great way to get some head space and quiet time, which is beneficial for anyone, but particularly new mums trying to meet the high demands of baby care in those early weeks and months!

If you would like to start or get back into a fitness regime with Pilates, you’ll be able to find classes all over the country from Burnley to Chorley and an instructor who will happily go at your pace with a bespoke fitness plan.

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