Do you want the winning edge over your competitors?

Pilates is the perfect mind-body programme to help riders from International 3 day Eventers to “happy hackers” overcome common faults such as lower back stiffness, neck and upper body stiffness, excessive arm and leg movement, riding crooked in the saddle

The Pilates programme will give you:

  • A deeper, more independent seat
  • Lighter, more effective aids
  • Fewer injuries and relief from back pain
  • Better posture, on and off your horse
  • Improved connection and sensitivity with your horse
  • Improved flexibility and strength

Lower Back Stiffness

How often have you got off your horse, stretched your lower back and wished you hadn’t done quite so much and reached for pain relief? At livepilates we teach you how to use your core stability, strengthening the muscles around the lower back which in turn gives your back more stability and therefore fewer injuries.

Neck and upper body stiffness

In our daily lives we carry a lot of stress in our neck and shoulders causing muscle imbalances which in turn give us tiredness, headaches and pain. These muscle imbalances impact on our riding. At livepilates we will show you specific exercises to overcome these imbalances and therefore improve your riding technique.

Excessive arm and leg movement

At livepilates we teach you how to use your “Powerhouse”. The “Powerhouse” is a term for your natural corset of strength – your tummy muscles that wrap around the waist like a corset which help to centre the body and give you strength from the inside out. This, in turn, helps you to move your arms and legs independently and give you an independent seat.

Riding Crooked in the saddle

We must remember that we are a mirror of our horse. If our weight is unevenly distributed or if you are predominantly stronger on one side, then this will reflect itself in your horse’s paces as your horse tries to counterbalance you. These imbalances will obviously then show in your dressage tests, jumping and cross-country or how your horse hacks out.