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Filed under: Pilates News — Cathy on September 9, 2009

When Sharon Stone appeared in Paris Match last month or in the newspapers whilst holidaying in Sardinia last week, there were many admiring her physique.  At 51 years old, Sharon Stone has a fabulous body and this week she has explained that she does not work out too frequently to achieve this.  In fact, she claimed Pilates is a key part of her Hollywood workout routine as well as making sure she fits exercise into her normal day to day life.

Stone recently told the media:

“I work out only as much as I have to, to not be a fat ass. I chase three children to stay in shape.  I don’t have a regular fitness routine. You park farther from the door; you take the stairs instead of the elevator. Over time that makes a difference.”

She also admitted she does ‘exercise like a maniac’ and this includes Pilates, although when she goes on a workout bender as she refers to it, she also adds some running and stomach exercises.

Using regular Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes, there is no need to go on workout benders, and these manic exercise sessions will in fact have little impact if not done regularly and properly.

So it seems if you want a body like Sharon Stone, you need to park a little further from the supermarket, take the stairs and do a regular Pilates class.

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