Goldie Hawn uses yoga and Pilates to maintain a youthful look

Filed under: Pilates News — Susan on December 26, 2012

Hollywood superstar Goldie Hawn is 67 years old and she has never looked better. Many people have wondered how she manages to maintain her youthful looks and Goldie kindly obliged them by revealing her secrets in a recent issue of ‘Prevention’ magazine.

It turns out that Goldie uses a combination of Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes, yoga and meditation – and it is clearly working. Not only does she look many years younger than her age but she is also an extremely fit lady, as her recent 30 mile bike ride in aid of the Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center has proven.

There aren’t many 67 year old women who could pull off a feat like that, but Goldie exercises four times a week, incorporating yoga, Pilates and meditation into her regime. She also eats a healthy diet, believing that moderation is the key to staying youthful and fit as the years go by.

Earlier this year, Goldie told reporters:

“I am compelled to continuously see the bright side. It is in my DNA. My kids look at me and say: ‘Mom, you’re so happy!’ And I do feel happy. I feel joyful, inside. I can’t explain it.”

It’s clear her meditation practice and her time on the mat are having a very positive impact on her mental well-being, as well as on her looks and her health, helping her to find a more peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.

She has even written a book and started the MindUP programme, which helps children to conquer stress and anxiety with mindfulness.

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