Jennifer Hawkins a pilates fan

Filed under: Pilates News — Cathy on November 14, 2011

Former Miss universe Jennifer Hawkins has a body most women would die for and this week, the now underwear model for Cozi swimsuits, has revealed just how she keeps in good shape. The pretty blonde admitted that staying in shape was not easy for her and she has to put in a lot of hard work to stay toned and trimmed. One of the things she finds most useful in staying toned, is to take Pilates classes in pilates classes pilates classes pilates classes six days a week, or workout on her pilates machine.

The star was obviously blessed with great genes, but she still has to try hard to keep her figure as she gets older and she finds pilates works well as it gives her an all over workout and helps to keep her feeling energized for long days on set. Hawkins revealed that she tends to take pilates classes in the morning, despite preferring afternoon workouts, but has found that working out in the morning gives her a great feeling for the rest of the day.

As well as taking regular pilates classes, the model also has a strict diet regime, which she sticks to no matter what. She avoids eating so many carbs and actually cuts them out of her diet completely in the days leading up to a photo shoot. Instead the star sticks to lean meats and plenty of fruits and veggies to ensure she stays on shape for those saucy bikini shoots

If you want a body like Jennifer, you may find it difficult to give up the carbs, but pilates classes from Pilates classes in Preston pilates classes Preston to London are widely available and could help you to tone up like Jen.

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