“Wake up to your Life”

8 Week MBSR Mindfulness Courses at The Sanctuary of Healing

just breathe” delivers the successful and proven MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) mindfulness course following a gold standard framework based on the works of Jon Kabat Zinn.

You will learn how to nurture your mind and body, bring awareness into your life along with compassion and balance, which in turn will reduce stress, anxiety and over thinking greatly. These techniques are taught through shared practice, group interaction and cohesion. More importantly participants know that they are in a safe and confidential environment in group discussions. Improve your health and sense of wellbeing at the same time as reducing stress. After 8 weeks you will have the necessary tools to live a happier, more fulfilled life with clarity and calm.

The course is run for 8 weeks and each session lasts for 2 ¼ hrs. Weekly handouts and guided meditations will be provided to help you gain a greater understanding of your practice.

Just Breathe Mindfulness

Each week we will look different topics such as:

  1. Why mindfulness? What is mindfulness
  2. Stress and how it affects the body
  3. How are thoughts and emotions effect the body and mind
  4. Mindful practices such as walking, eating, menopausal regulation
  5. Learning how to meditate and myth busting on meditation

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of not living in the past or tying to predict the future, but about living in the here and now – going back to basics. It is not a religion; it is a way of being calm and intentional with our thoughts and actions.

Benefits of Mindfulness

  • Live life more fully and resourcefully – “waking up to your life”
  • Increase your ability to handle stress and anxiety with greater ease
  • Discover how to live your life in a calmer more resilient way
  • Enhance your ability to cope with pain
  • Make wiser choices based less on emotions and more on logic
  • Enhance self esteem and confidence helping you get motivated again


Charlotte Hopkinson – Qualified Mindfulness Practitioner (Accredited to the Complementary Medical Association for Mindfulness Coaching) and Reiki Level II practitioner (Accredited to Madeleine Sedgwick, Gentle Harmonies)

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The next just breathe course will be taking place online in February 2021.


“The course exceeded my expectations.” – Lisa

“Dear Charlotte, thank you for showing me a different and more positive way of looking at the world. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and the way you presented it.” – Sue

“To Charlotte, the course was brilliant and so were you. I’ve learnt so much about mindfulness and me! I learnt how to love myself and be proud of myself! Life changing.” – Judith