Kim and Khloe’s early morning Pilates

Filed under: Pilates News — Cathy on June 11, 2012

Kim and Khloe Kardashian were spotted leaving and early morning Pilates workout in Sherman Oaks California and, unlike the reality TV sisters, they were trying to hide from the cameras instead of showing off for them.

The Kardashian sisters had a healthy glow and had obviously worked up a sweat as they left the 6.30 am Pilates class and obviously did not want the photographers who were gathered outside, catching them looking anything other than their best.

Despite their dressed down post workout appearance, the sisters were looking better than ever, proving that their Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes were not being taken in vain. Kim’s famous curves were evident in a figure hugging black tank top and extremely tight leggings which clung to her much admired bottom and left little to the imagination.

Kim obviously realised that her most famous asset was on show, as she made a great effort to cover it as she retreated from the photographers’ glare.
The Pilates classes are obviously helping to keep the pair in good shape as they looked more toned than ever, despite their ample curves. There really was not an ounce of fat to be found on the sisters who have been taking Pilates classes regularly for a number of months now.

Despite their obvious distaste at being caught by the cameras, they seemed to be in great spirits, obviously re-energised by their early morning Pilates classes, as they smiled and chatted away.
Khloe later posted about the early morning exercise on her Twitter feed saying:

“Nothing like a 6:30am workout with my sister”

before the pair headed off on a family road trip to San Diego, where they then visited their beloved grandmother.

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