Lindsay Lohan latest Pilates convert

Filed under: Pilates News — Susan on January 9, 2014

Lindsay Lohan might have a reputation as a Hollywood hellraiser, but the actress appears to have turned over a new leaf since leaving rehab back in July 2013. She has recently taken up Pilates as part of a healthy new lifestyle change.

Notorious for her drug and alcohol addictions, Lindsay Lohan has recently decided to try out clean living. Her personal Instagram page has been flooded with pictures of the redhead meditating, enjoying Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes and living the healthy life in Miami.

Not only has Lindsay taken to contemplation practices and meditation classes, but the toned actress has also given up smoking, something which will no doubt improve the once chain-smoker’s health enormously.

Recent pictures of the star sporting a tight white swimming costume showed off her amazingly toned body perfectly. It is clear from the snaps that Pilates classes are doing her body no end of good – she has seldom looked better.

Other pictures posted to her Instagram account, showed Lindsay practicing Pilates by her private swimming pool, whilst dressed outrageously in a panther print swimming costume.

People close to the actress are hopeful that she has finally turned a corner and is ready to leave her wild past behind her for a more grounded lifestyle.

Lindsay has recently been linked to the son of Liam Neeson, although the pair deny claims they are together, but one thing’s for sure: the world is seeing a completely different side to Lindsay Lohan as she stretches and strains on the Pilates mat.

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