Madonna gets fit with Pilates ahead of her World Tour

Filed under: Pilates News — Cathy on April 14, 2012

Pop Queen Madonna recently told reporters that she was so worried about her upcoming world tour, she was working harder than ever before to ensure that nothing is left to chance so that she puts on the best show of her life.

The singer, whose world tour kicks off in Israel on 12th May, has been working so hard to get into shape that she has been putting herself through a punishing regime of Cardio, Pilates and dance, along with regularly skipping with a rope.

Not only has she been pushing her body to the limits with Pilates and dance, but she even managed to break a finger as she tried to ensure that the choreography for the show was perfect. She told reporters that she has never been more determined to ensure that her fans are satisfied and she is certainly pulling out all of the stops to ensure that they will be wowed by her set.

Madonna said her upcoming tour would be a feast for both the eyes and ears and that she is pushing for the most spectacular show she can. If all of her efforts are an indicator, then it surely will be a magnificent show. However, Madonna admitted that her children are not always impressed with her efforts and are, in fact, her toughest crowd – always willing to let their mum know what they think about her music, however painful that may be.

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