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Our classes last for one hour with a maximum of 15 students in a beginner class and 12 students in the mainstream classes. Classes are run in blocks of 6 pre-paid sessions.

All students new to Pilates should complete a beginners’ course where the foundations and principles of Pilates will be learnt safely and effectively. Alternatively you may have 1:1 sessions or attend small group sessions until you are knowledgeable enough to join a class suitable for your level.

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The Benefits of Pilates

Pilates focuses on rediscovering and activating your deep stabilising muscles (or ‘core’). It offers a new awareness of how to hold yourself in everyday activities to minimise stress on the spine. These exercises, when practised regularly, will strengthen and lengthen the spine and realign joints. In turn, this will improve posture and, more often than not, alleviate backache and other issues.

In summary, benefits include:

  • A stronger, healthier back
  • A more toned and mobile body
  • A leaner, longer look
  • Looser, suppler, more flexible joints
  • Better posture
  • An improved sense of calm, fitness and well-being


“To anyone who has tried all conventional treatments for back pain with little or no success, I would highly recommend that you try Pilates. I am finding Charlotte’s classes are a gentle way of mobilising joints and muscles without causing any discomfort. I know I am in safe hands and at last getting some relief from back pain. Thanks Charlotte!”

“For me, weekly Pilates has meant a substantial reduction in the back and neck pain I experience, reducing my tiredness, strengthening my core and making me more mobile. A very welcome change to my life. Thank you.”

“livepilates classes are relaxed and friendly. Charlotte ensures the exercises are varied and fun, always within your capabilities, with occasional challenges! If you want a fitter, toned, more flexible body, then give it a try. Me and my husband did and we are addicted!”

“Thanks to Charlotte and Pilates, not only do I feel fitter, but I have lost nearly two stone in weight!”