Pilates classes in Chorley

Pilates classes have increased in popularity in recent years. As Chorley is conveniently located close to both the M61 and the M6 motorway links, there are several instructors offering Pilates classes in Chorley in a number of venues.

At livepilates, we believe that no matter how popular our Pilates classes around Chorley become, the venue and size of the class are the two most important contributing factors to the success of our Pilates students in achieving their goals.

Pilates classes should be restricted to no more than 15 on beginners classes and 12 for other Pilates classes to ensure that the instructor can provide the right level of supervision. Indeed, our Pilates instructors take a number of one-to-one or private Pilates classes in Chorley and the surrounding areas. We also offer Pilates classes specifically for back care as well as Powerpaced Pilates, ladies only and mixed Pilates classes.

Pilates classes taken in sports centres or large gym studios are often too airy or intimidating. Each venue we choose is selected for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere as much as its location.

All are welcome at our Pilates classes near Chorley and the surrounding areas, so please get in touch for details of our upcoming sessions.