Pilates Classes in Clitheroe

Clitheroe is a busy market town surrounded by a number of smaller villages, so it is perhaps unsurprising that there are several Pilates classes in the Clitheroe area.

However, not all Pilates classes are the same and at livepilates, we believe the venue for the Pilates class is just as important as the class and the instructor themselves. We ensure our classes are held in premier local venues rather than the occasionally intimidating or even ineffective large exercise gym room.

Livepilates not only runs several Pilates classes in the Clitheroe area but also offers a wide range of times in the mornings and evenings where you are sure to find a class to suit you.

Our Pilates classes in Clitheroe include specific classes for beginners or improvers, refreshers or those seeking Powerpaced Pilates, as well as ladies only and even a men’s only – something you would not find in your typical gym.

At livepilates, we also offer private Pilates classes in the Clitheroe area, ideal for those who want a little more privacy or a different time slot.

The details of all our Clitheroe Pilates classes are on our Timetable page and all are welcome to attend.