Pilates classes in the Ribble Valley

Around the Ribble Valley area, there are a number of Pilates classes in gyms and fitness centres but there are fewer Pilates-focused companies.

Whilst the popularity of Pilates has increased, it is still important to find the right Pilates class to suit your level of fitness and ability and more importantly, what you want to achieve.

Livepilates runs a number of Pilates classes in the Ribble Valley area, in Langho and Blackburn amongst others. To ensure everyone can find a class to suit them, livepilates offers morning and evening classes and unlike many of our competitors we offer classes specifically for ladies only, men only, mixed, beginners, Powerpaced and even refresher classes. Our expert Pilates instructors in the Ribble Valley area can also help those who want pre or post natal classes or private sessions.

To find details of all our Ribble Valley Pilates classes, visit our Timetable page. Each class runs for one hour and we ensure that there are no more than 15 beginners students or 12 students in a mainstream class to gain the optimum ratio of instructor to student.

Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced student, everybody is welcome at our Pilates classes in the Ribble Valley, so why not book a Pilates class now?