Pilates classes in the water?

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We are well aware of the benefits of regular Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes and how your health can be improved from a well worked out routine, but did you know that Pilates can also be attempted in the water?

Just as aqua aerobics works for those less able to move around on dry land, ‘poolates’ is a new concept in Pilates that is starting to emerge from the US – although it hasn’t made it up to Pilates classes in Lancashire pilates classes Lancashire just yet.

Poolates, the water based version of pilates, was invented by Rebecca Pfeiffer – a Pilates instructor from America. Poolates still follows all of the basic principles of pilates, but moves the exercise to the swimming pool so that the body is supported by the water. Where Pilates helps to make your body more supple and improve your flexibility, poolates helps to sharpen your balance while using the water to assist you. Your muscles are strengthened in much the same way, but it’s easier for the elderly or those suffering with poor joints.

The inventor of poolates, Rebecca Pfeiffer, worked for the US Department of Health and Human Services as a health policy coordinator and is also a personal trainer and Pilates instructor.

Pfeiffer says of those wishing to take Pilates classes in the water:

It takes concentration and a sense of humour.

While poolates looks an interesting idea, there is no substitute for the real thing. There is only one qualified ‘poolates’ instructor in the UK, in Surrey, but you can book genuine pilates classes in the Pilates classes in Ribble Valley pilates classes Ribble Valley and throughout Lancashire with us at livepilates.

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