Pilates could help World Cup chances

Filed under: Pilates News — Susan on June 14, 2010

Now that the World Cup is underway in South Africa, special attention is paid to the fitness of players within the squad. Every knock or muscle strain is reported in the news, and the fate of a team can rest on the fitness of their star players. England players Ledley King and Wayne Rooney have missed training sessions due to a groin strain and an ankle injury respectively, and the race is on to get them fit for the next match.

As is always the case with elite athletes, prevention of injuries is just as important as recovering from them, and more top flight football players are incorporating Pilates into their training regimes as a means to do so. Playing football involves sudden changes of pace and direction, so suppleness and core strength are at the heart of any player’s fitness.

More football team managers such as Arsene Wenger of Arsenal are increasingly willing to look beyond traditional training methods. Football is a gruelling sport, which demands flexibility and suppleness, and Pilates is excellent for both.
It’s a way to improve mobility, co-ordination and flexibility, and can play a crucial part in recovering from a sports injury. It focuses on the core muscles used in posture, and helps to bring balance to the body. It can bring awareness of breathing and the spine’s alignment and can strengthen muscles deep within the torso.

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