Pilates for teenagers – a growing trend

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When Pilates was first created, it was designed for everyone no matter what their age and in the United States, there has reportedly been an increase in the number of Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes designed specifically for teenagers.

Pilates-Pro.com, an American website, interviewed several Pilates teachers in the US to find out how and why they developed Pilates classes for this group of people in particular.  The majority stated it was a mixture of understanding how different teenage years can be and also personal experience of how problems such as injuries from their younger years troubled them into adulthood until they discovered Pilates.

Pilates classes for teenagers provide a time and place where teenagers, frequently females, can express themselves, build their confidence and learn about their body in a safe place.  Some Pilates instructors have encouraged teenage girls to join their ladies only classes to help them build their self esteem and coordination.

Perhaps surprisingly to some teenagers, they found that Pilates really helped to improve in sport.  One Pilates instructor in the US found an increase in the number of teenage Pilates pupils simply by word of mouth as one female figure skater started to improve in her competition as a direct result of taking up Pilates classes.

Quite rightly, one instructor pointed out her own musings on what the long term effects on minds and bodies of a population might be if more teenagers or even younger children were to start doing Pilate classes regularly.

As with most trends, what happens in America tends to follow in the UK so watch this space as it is likely that we may see an increase in teenagers taking part in Pilates classes in the UK.

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