Pilates helps young anorexic to recover

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A woman who suffered from three heart attacks and bullying as she struggled with an eating disorder has used Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes to cope with her condition.

Emily Sullivan weighed a mere six stone at her lowest point. It was after the loss of a relative that the crippling bout of anorexia took hold, leading to a six year illness that caused her to have the heart attacks.

It was only when the 22-year-old took up Pilates that she began to take on the illness and reach her current, healthier figure.

Sullivan said that her eating disorder came about after a period of bullying and the loss of her grandmother when she was 15. Only five years later, she weighed a mere 6 stone and was warned by doctors that she would die within months, if she did not change her habits and fight her disease.

Following being hospitalised after having three heart attacks in 2012, Sullivan discovered Pilates classes and built herself back up to a much healthier size 8 within a matter of months.

Talking about the impact Pilates had on her illness, Sullivan said:

“I was exhausted, depressed and had lost all my strength. I wanted to find something new to try and I had heard about Pilates. I started doing about two classes a week and I soon found not only was I good at it, but I loved it, too. I finally found my drive and ambition again which is something I thought I had lost.”

Ms Sullivan now wants to train as a Pilates teacher and is currently undertaking work on an instructor diploma.

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