Pilates in Golf

Golf specific Pilates Courses are available – please contact charlotte@live-pilates.co.uk or call me on 07801 444825 to discuss your clubs needs.

Play Long & Strong. Engage your core like never before.

There is a revolution taking place in the golf world as professionals and amateurs gain awareness that the proper training will dramatically improve performance.

Every PGA professional will know that P.G.A. stands for Posture, Grip, Alignment. The principles and physics that the golf swing is built on.

If you set up to the golf ball with poor posture, you have to compensate during your swing in order to bring the club back to a square position. In other words, you will need to make adjustments because of the initial misalignment.

A Pilates programme is aimed straight at the first principle of your golf swing, which is correct posture. A Pilates programme will develop your ability to stabilise your core and keep neutral alignment throughout the dynamics of your golf swing. Even a marginal improvement in your core strength and posture will dramatically improve your performance on and off the course.

Of all the professional athletes who have discovered Pilates, golfers have taken to it fastest and in the greatest numbers. Devotees include Tiger Woods, Lee Westwood, David Duval and Beth Daniel.

“One of the sacred fundamental for a good golf swing is your posture” - Tiger Woods

Golf, like Pilates, is about focus and 'getting in the swing' - repeating similar movements efficiently, effectively and precisely no matter, in golf's case, the distractions of weather, terrain or opponent.

Golf, like Pilates, is about core strength, movement from the centre of the body, flexibility, precise movements and tiny margins - a small improvement in a golfer's shoulder flexibility, for example, can be the difference between a drive from the tee veering into the rough or going straight onto the green.