Pre and Postnatal Pilates Classes


Why is Pilates so Perfect for Pregnancy?

Pilates is a safe form of exercise for pregnant women. The slow, controlled movements of the exercises are non-impact and, therefore, no stress is placed on the joints. Pilates will help women to stay strong and fit throughout their pregnancies, by learning good posture and correct alignment. Pilates can help women stay connected to their ever-changing body. Pilates will improve posture and reduce pregnancy aches and pains.

The Importance of Good Posture in Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, the increased weight gain which, as we know, is mostly carried at the front of the body is going to affect your postural alignment. Women who normally have good posture find that their posture deteriorates through pregnancy. This is due to mum’s centre of gravity and balance changing. Your centre of gravity no longer falls over your feet. Pregnant women feel the need to lean back to correct this feeling.

Feeling Good About Yourself

The psychological benefits of exercising through your pregnancy shouldn’t be underestimated. It is a thrilling and exciting time, but for many mums-to-be a daunting one too. It can feel like you have lost control of your body, so Pilates gives you that mind-body connection back and puts you firmly back in the driving seat. This will give you confidence throughout your pregnancy and also in birth and beyond. Your Pilates session can be used as quality “me time”, to relax, breathe correctly and find inner calm.

livepilates Instructors

At livepilates we have fully qualified pre and postnatal instructors. We understand what an important time this is for mums and that you want to feel confident that you are in the right hands. We are knowledgeable about the anatomical changes that occur through the three trimesters of pregnancy so you can be sure that you are doing the correct exercises for you and baby. We also want to look after your wellbeing once baby is born and guide you to regaining your pre-birth figure.

How to Get Started

If you are interested in joining a class ring Charlotte on 07801 444 825 for a chat and ask any questions you may have – I’m sure there will be many! Class sizes are limited so we can keep an eye on you and baby.