Pregnant Olivia Wilde still enjoying Pilates

Filed under: Pilates News — Susan on February 7, 2014

Actress Olivia Wilde, who is expecting a child, is clearly doing everything she can to ensure that her baby and her body stay as healthy as can be.

The pretty actress was recently spotted enjoying a vitamin packed juice, when she popped into Whole Foods after another pregnancy Pilates class.

Olivia, who is expecting her first baby with partner and fellow actor, Jason Sudeikis, was pictured sipping on a healthy juice in the West Hollywood branch of health food store, Whole Foods.

The actress, who is 29, has been maintaining an energetic fitness regime throughout her pregnancy, with Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes playing a central role. Barely a day goes by when she is not spotted heading to or from a Pilates class, or taking a much deserved post-exercise trip for some nutritious goodies.

At the Golden Globes, Olivia revealed that she is expecting a little boy, who will be due on May 4th and, despite being five months pregnant, the star is still looking incredibly toned, albeit with the addition of a cute baby bump.

Her bump is so tiny, in fact, that a lot of people have offered her alcohol, not even realising se is pregnant!

Olivia commented:

“I find that people will go to such great lengths to not mention it.

“People will be like, ‘Hey would you like a glass of whiskey?’ Or, ‘You want to get on this roller coaster?, and I’m like, ‘Oh well I’m actually pregnant’, and they go, ‘What?'”

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