Rachel Hunter looks toned after tough Pilates workout

Filed under: Pilates News — Wayne on July 17, 2013

Rod Stewart’s ex-wife Rachel Hunter walked out of what was a gruelling Pilates class, in West Hollywood, looking slimmer and more toned than ever.

Unlike most Hollywood stars who take Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes in the area, she was not dressed in yoga pants and tank top; rather bizarrely, she was clad in rock star blue jeans, white t-shirt and some very exercise un-friendly biker boots that made her look more like a biker chick than a down-to-earth Pilates lover.

The 40-something kiwi model looked every bit the rocker, accessorising her simple jeans and t-shirt outfit with a tribal bag.

The stunning blonde model currently has a gig as a judge on New Zealand’s Got Talent. She needs to keep fit and trim for the cameras, so it is not surprising that she has not only been working up a real sweat in Pilates classes, but she has also taken a number of yoga classes. She was recently spotted looking a bit sweaty leaving a yoga class in a stylish fedora hat.

The combination of yoga and Pilates classes has clearly worked some magic on her body and the stunning model looks every bit as toned and slim as she did when she was modelling in her twenties.

The 40-something blonde bombshell turned many a head as she left her class. Glowing with post-exercise glee, the former Mrs Stewart looked cool, confident and ready to take on the world. It was clear the post-Pilates calm had descended on her.

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