Turner turns to Pilates to combat her arthritis

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Veteran actress Kathleen Turner claims that Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes saved her life.

The actress took up Pilates after receiving a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis back in 1992. The 59-year-old now swears that the exercise, traditionally used for toning and conditioning the body, has helped her to fight the disease.

Turner was forced to undergo 12 operations in the same number of years as a result of her condition. At one point, she was even told that she may be confined to a wheelchair for the remainder of her years. However, Turner defied all odds and is currently starring in a West End production of Bakersfield Mist, claiming that she owes it all to the strengthening effects of Pilates.

Speaking to The Times newspaper, the actress said:

“Pilates, baby! Twice a week. Pilates saved my life.”

Turner also spoke of her excitement at returning to the West End after eight years, with her claiming that theatre is her first love. She said:

“[The attention from Body Heat] was pretty great, but I started in theatre. I was in Broadway long before I was on camera. I was not prepared. Thankfully, I just went right back to stage. I would argue that all my choices have stood up well, but in between films I always go back to stage.”

Although Pilates is often associated with super-fit actresses, the tough exercises can actually be modified so that people of all abilities can do them. It has been found to be very beneficial for people suffering with a range of conditions and physical problems.

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