Twilight star Ashley Greene keeps fit with Pilates

Filed under: Pilates News — Susan on November 24, 2009

According to magazine In Style, star of the latest Twilight film New Moon Ashley Greene credit Pilates for her body shape.

Twilight: New Moon opened at the cinema this weekend and teens and fans of all ages have rushed to see the second of the movie saga.  Ashley Greene plays vegan vampire Alice Cullen and shows off her great body.

Naturally, Ashley did have to train for her fighting scene in the film but her regular Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes are credited with keeping in shape.

Speaking about getting in shape for the movie, Ashley told the media:

‘It was really easy. We were working 12 hours a day, so it didn’t leave too much time to eat.  When I did eat, I had really healthy stuff, which was nice.  I do Pilates now, early in the morning. It wakes you up, and it’s kind of refreshing.  And that is basically it. Sometimes cardio. I am not a big weight person because when I do weights I build muscle mass.’

Ashley Greene is not the only movie star to have recently credited Pilates for her great body; Megan Fox credited Pilates when she was recently awarded ‘Sexiest Movie Star of All Time’ top place in an Empire Magazine poll.

So if you’re looking to get yourself a body to die for (excuse the pun!), get yourself to your local Pilates classes in Pilates classes in Lancashire pilates classes Lancashire, Cheshire or anywhere in the UK and get working!

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