World Cup stars use Pilates as part of a fitness regime

Filed under: Pilates News — Wayne on May 26, 2010

The World Cup has come around again, and as ever, there is much media speculation on who will make the squad to represent England. Football fans are worried over the fitness of key players, as something as innocuous as a strained muscle can scupper and hopes for success in the tournament.

Modern training methods for players are far removed from those of 1966, when England last won the World Cup. Advances in sports science and nutrition have meant that players are fitter than ever before, and many players have incorporated Pilates into their fitness regime as a way to stay flexible and reduce the chance of injury.

West Ham and England goalkeeper Robert Green uses Pilates to stay a step ahead of the competition. He said:

“I want to walk away from football, when I retire and say ‘I gave that everything’.

“So I say to myself ‘I need to stay fit and need to stretch’ so I go to a Pilates instructor. I’ve been going for nearly four years and not missed a game.”

Pilates is ideal for physical sports like football. The game demands lots of twisting, turning, rapid changes of pace and jumping that make great demands on joints and the core muscles. Even when a player is injured, their recovery time may be hastened by attending Pilates classes in Pilates classes pilates classes Pilates classes, especially if the injury involves the legs.

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