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At livepilates we offer you a full, varied range of Pilates classes in pilates classes pilates classes pilates classes to suit your individual needs.

We aim to educate minds to strengthen bodies. If you want a re-shaped, new body that is re-aligned and re-balanced, then Pilates classes are for you. Pilates can give a supple, leaner body with hidden strength. If you need to relax, or manage back pain, then Pilates is the answer.

In our pilates classes, we cater for all levels from beginners to advanced, older adult to elite athlete, those managing back or joint pain and pre and post natal.

We run pilates classes throughout the Pilates classes in Ribble Valley pilates classes Ribble Valley in Pilates classes in Lancashire pilates classes Lancashire with trained instructors at all our pilates classes.

Latest Pilates Articles

Former Miss World claims Pilates made her taller

Model Rosanna Davison has credited Pilates classes with helping her to grow in height. The former Miss World, who is 30 and from Ireland, claims that the Pilates classes, which are used to increase endurance, flexibility and core strength, have also enabled her to add length to her body’s frame.

Athlete attributes weight loss to Pilates

Speaking about her fast post-pregnancy weight loss, former wrestler Stacy Keibler has revealed that a low carb diet and regular Pilates classes were the two biggest factors that helped her to get back in shape. Showing off her toned abs and noticeable weight loss a mere five months since having

Brook shows off risqué Pilates look

Model and actress Kelly Brook is known for her curvy figure, but she has recently taken on a new fitness regime in order to get even more toned for summer. As well as following the Atkins diet, Brook has taken up a number of new activities as part of a
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