About Pilates

Pilates is based on original exercises devised by Joseph Pilates, therefore Pilates isn’t a new concept but an adaptation of the original works of Joseph Pilates. The exercises have been modified in keeping with research of the 21st Century. Joseph Hubertus Pilates devised and named his method “The Art of Controlology”. This term refers to how this approach encourages the participant to make use of their mind to better control their muscles.

The Pilates method is designed to strengthen the body’s core postural muscles. These muscles stabilise the body’s torso, which means the body can improve both its flexibility and strength, yet without adding muscle mass. The method also incorporates the mind body connection through breath and movement, thereby helping to balance the mind and body. Pilates helps to rebalance the body which therefore brings it into its correct alignment.

Who is Joseph Pilates?

Joseph Pilates was a genius of his time without knowing it and he died in 1967 at the age of 87, before Pilates became a household name. He was a sickly child who dedicated his life to becoming stronger physically and mentally. Joseph Pilates opened a studio in New York where he trained ballet dancers, gymnasts and celebrities of the day.

Pilates today and the benefits

At livepilates we teach small groups with fully qualified instructors. Pilates focuses on rediscovering and activating your deep stabilising muscles and offers a new awareness of how to hold yourself in everyday activities so as we minimise the stress on the spine. These exercises, when practiced regularly, will strengthen and lengthen the spine and realign joints. As well as improving posture it can, more often than not, alleviate back-ache and other issues.