Pilates classes in Blackburn

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For those looking for Pilates classes in Blackburn, Lancashire, and the surrounding area, there are plenty of venues to choose from within the Ribble Valley and the area of Blackburn. Many of these venues are large exercise centres or held within commercial gyms, which can be intimidating and less effective for learning Pilates.

Currently, livepilates offers Pilates classes in Langho and Brockhall Village, perfectly situated for those seeking Pilates classes in Blackburn or Clitheroe. Details of the venues can be seen on our Venues page. Each venue has its own character and allows for more friendly and relaxed Pilates classes.

Wherever you choose to take your Pilates classes, it is important to make sure that numbers are restricted so the instructor can give an adequate level of supervision. This is why our Pilates classes are restricted to 15 for courses for beginners and 12 for mainstream classes.

We hope to welcome you at our Pilates classes in Blackburn, please visit our Book A Class page for details of how to book.

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